Post Operative Instructions

What to expect :

It is not uncommon for a tooth to be uncomfortable or even exhibit a dull ache immediately after receiving root canal therapy. Your tooth will be sensitive to biting, pressure and may even appear to feel loose. This should subside within a few days (or even weeks). This occurs because of conditions which existed before treatment started. If there was pain prior to treatment there may be a degree of pain that will continue for a few days after the procedure. Remember that pain radiates. You may feel sensations of discomfort that are not related to the treated area during the healing process.

What to do:

  • Please do not chew or attempt to eat on the side of your mouth that has been worked on while this area is still numb.
  • Take Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) within one hour of leaving our office. Two to four tablets (200 mg each) may be taken four times a day for the next 3 to 4 days. An alternative pain medication will be suggested if allergic to Ibuprofen
  • Please take prescribed medication (Antibiotic and/or pain medication as directed.
  • Try to chew on the opposite side from the tooth treated, until you have a crown /permanent restoration placed to avoid fracture. Occasionally severe swelling or pressure pain may arise.
  • Call the office early in the day for further instructions and treatment.
  • After final visit your general dentist will permanently restore the tooth. This appointment can be made approximately 2 weeks after the completion of treatment. Your dentist will receive a post operative report.
  • Delay in obtaining final restoration (Crown) may result in fracture and/or possible loss of tooth.